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BAAD (Black Artists and Designers)

Contact: Yelitsa Jean-Charles,

The purpose of Black Artists and Designers (BAAD) is to provide a space for each member of the RISD Black community to forge connections and strengthen relationships with one another. BAAD will serve as a platform foreach member to voice concerns or thoughts on matters that affect the Black community at large. This organization also holds that as artists and designers, we should use our creativity to promote social change within and outside of our community. Interacting, networking, and using our art to collaborate/partner with other college students; alumni;administration, faculty, and staff members; and the general public will help enrich both our academic and social experiences at RISD. Most importantly, this organization should reinforce the need for each member to continue to actively acknowledge and embrace each other’s presence not only within the Black community at RISD, but within the greater Rhode Island area and nationwide.


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