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CSI’s Student Groups Office

The Carr House, 210 Benefit St, room 201, Providence, RI, 02903.


Andy Jacques, Assistant Director for Leadership Programs
Phone: 401.709.8459

Our hours

M, Tu, W, Th, F: 8.30am – 4.30pm

With clubs and organizations ranging from Pokemon to the Rock Climbing club, we have something for everyone. Learn more about the clubs below. Click here for CSI club policies and procedures

Arts + Common Interest

Adventurer’s Guild

Contact: Samuel Rosario,

The RISD Adventurers' Guild is the haven for tabletop roleplaying gamers of all kinds.

Anime Club

Contact: Semone Bunnag

The Anime Culture Club is a tight-knit group of students that meet on a weekly basis to enjoy showings of different Japanese animations.

Cheese Society

Contact: Owen McGarry

Providing the RISD community with information about the history, anthropology, and science of cheese.


Contact: Cathy Lee,

Clerestory is a joint Brown-RISD journal of the arts published once a semester. We accept prose, poetry, music and art from both the Brown and RISD communities.

Concept Art Club

Contact:Cameron Bye

The RISD Concept Art Club is an organization that brings people together to learn more about concept art and create some art of their own.

Harmonic Motion

Contact: Tate Sager,

Billed as “the hottest co-ed a cappella group on College Hill,”Harmonic Motion traditionally includes distinctive soloists as well asa strong membership from both Brown and RISD.


Contact: Kinwa Chen,

The RISD OCATs Club is a club that supports the creativity of artists who want to share their characters and stories with others.

Oral Fixation

Contact: Mary Ellen Hawkins,

As RISD's only home-grown A Capella group, Oral Fixation is an eclectic bunch of singers from all over campus.

Pokemon Club

Contact: Grace Kraft,

Though RISD students have many common grounds on which to relate, few subjects generate more universal enthusiasm and a strong sense of bonding amongst students than... Pokemon!

RISD Art Walls

Contact: David Wang,

RAW's mission is to work with RISD to create it's first Public Art Policy, and with this policy to gain access to a number of large public walls on campus which students can apply to use to create positive art for the public to enjoy.

RISD Baked

Contact: Arielle Jennings,

On HIATUS 2012-2013 ACADEMIC YEAR. RISD Baked is a club dedicated to the creation and consumption of sweets and treats. The club is a place for novices and experts alike to bake to their hearts content.

RISD Exhibitionists

Contact: Zoe Lohmann,

The RISD Exhibitionists is a fully student run theater club. Our goal is to give students an outlet for all aspects of theater.

RISD Needles

Contact: Hannah Choi,

RISD Needles is a knit and crochet club.


Contact: Sarina Mitchel,

WORD! is an open space for marginalized students (particularly students of color) to express themselves creatively and artistically through spoken and written poetry.

Community Service

Alternative Spring Break

Contact: Andrew Jacques,

Alternative Spring Break is a chance to get involved in the community through service.

Community Service Club

Contact:Xinru Liu,

The Community Service Club brings RISD students together to make their community a better place.

Design For America

Contact: Allison Wong,

Design for America is an award-winning nationwide network of interdisciplinary student teams and community members using design to create local and social impact.

Cultural Collective

BAAD (Black Artists and Designers)

Contact: Yelitsa Jean-Charles,

The purpose of Black Artists and Designers (BAAD) is to provide a space for each member of the RISD Black community to forge connections and strengthen relationships with one another.

Catholic Community

Contact: Ryan Murphy,

The Catholic Community at RISD plans and supports events that give students a chance to grow in their faith and be strengthened by a united faith community.

Épa! (Éspanish People Association)

Contact: Isabella Rodriguez,

Épa! (Éspanish People Association) is a Hispanic cultural club spreading awareness about Latin-American culture through dance classes, cooking classes, and cultural/educational classes.


Contact: Sofya Zeylikman,

RISD Kehillah is RISD’s Jewish community. We aim to provide all Jewish students, observant or not, with fun and relevant programming centering on Jewish culture and holidays.

Korean Student Association

Contact: Michelle Ko,

KSA is a vital student organization at RISD. It brings cultural diversity to campus through the Korean Culture Show, food nights, group discussions, and social events (such as sports tournaments and barbecue parties).

Made In Taiwan

Contact: Tony Chen,

Made In Taiwan is a group that celebrates Taiwan's culture. Join us for Night Market, Taiwanese food nights, and more!

Queer Student Association (QSA)

Contact: Yves-Olivier Mandereau

The Queer Student Association (QSA) is dedicated to educating the RISD community on topics and issues relating to sexuality and gender.

RISD Christian Fellowship

Contact: Matthew Tso,
RCF is a Christian community that provides a supportive environment for believers and non-believers to seek Jesus.

South Asian Student Association (SASA)

Contact:Richa Kejriwal

SASA aims to introduce, celebrate, and promote South Asian culture on the RISD campus through various activities.

Professional Development

2nd Life

Contact: Elisa Palluau

Julia Wright

2ndlife is a non-profit student run up-cycling materials center. Visit them at 204 Westminster T-F 12 - 6:30 Sat + Sun 1-5.

A Better World by Design

Contact: Allison Wong,

ABWxD is a three-day conference run by students to build a global community of socially conscious and passionate innovators.

Design Guild

Contact the Guild!

RISD Design Guild is student run graphic design studio at the Rhode Island School of Design. Our projects have taken the form of books, videos, posters, and identities. So holler at us!

RISD Exposé

Contact the Expose team at ,

Exposé is a student-run, student-curated art space in downtown Providence.

RISD Quickies

Contact: Connor Lynch,

Quickies is a forum for student-led, student-taught workshops at the Rhode Island School of Design. These workshops are interdisciplinary and provide a framework for students to think critically about their education.


Contact Ryan Mather,

RISD STEAM aims to engage students with the rising push to include art and design thinking into the traditional "STEM" model of education.