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Arts Clubs and Organizations (Visual and Performing)

Alef Beats: We are Brown and RISD premiere Jewish-themed a cappella group. We are also Brown and RISD’s nicest a cappella group, and consider ourselves a family in every sense of the weird.

Anime Club: Watching and discussing anime, going to the lastest movies, critiquing the future of the industry, karaoke and dance nights.  We’re a group of friends that are determined to meet every week!

ClerestoryClerestory Journal of the Arts is Brown and RISD’s oldest literary publication. We publish undergraduate student works in poetry, prose, visual art, music and video art semesterly.  

Concept Art Club: We provide tutorials, prompts, talks about the concept art world from experienced artists and faculty, and a chance to collaborate and create something with other members.

Harmonic MotionBilled as “College Hill’s hottest co-ed a cappella group,” Harmonic Motion (“HarMo) is known for singing an eclectic mix of music from oldies to alternative rock to R&B and pop. 

Oral Fixation: As RISD’s only home-grown A Cappella group, Oral Fixation is an eclectic bunch of singers from all over campus. Our repertoire combines a mix of rock, pop, solo numbers, and everything in between.

Project R: A multi-disciplinary film production collective that aims to provide unique filmmaking experiences to everyone in RISD

RISD Exhibitionists: The RISD Exhibitionists is the only student run and organized theatre group at Rhode Island School of Design! We’re a young, driven, eclectic, dedicated, committed club that want to offer the RISD student body the opportunity to get the theatrical outlet they need.

RISD Jams: A place for RISD musicians to get together and play.

VISIONS: We are a publication that highlights and celebrates the diversity of Asian/Asian-American community, particularly on Brown’s and RISD’s campuses.

WORD!: A RISD-Brown club celebrating the genre of spoken word. The members meet at the basement of Churchill building(Rites and Reasons Theater) every Thursday and have evening of shared words revolving around culture, minority and voices of color in campus.

YTB Zine: The zine starts a much-needed creative conversation between two top art schools through a joint publication. YTB is the first environment for MICA and RISD students to connect.

Athletics Clubs and Teams

Balls: The premiere basketball club of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Midnight Soccer:  A fun way for beginners and seasoned players alike to enjoy the wonderful game of soccer through the various seasons at RISD.

NADS Hockey:  RISD’s NADS Ice Hockey club has been in existence since 1961. Quality of effort has been steady for those many years while quality of play has varied wildly.  Come join the other loud and sometimes needlessly gaudy fans as we defend the honor of our honor.

Pricks Fencing: RISD pricks provides students with an opportunity to meet and practice a sport of refined athleticism and precision. Once a sport for the fancy we the pricks are committed to sharing this high class activity amongst the RISD community.

RISD Buns Ballet: Itching to pirouette? Craving a cabriole? Then we have the club for you! The risd buns is a student run ballet club that provides and transports students to local providence ballet studios to keep up with technique. All are welcome, intermediate dance experience is suggested but not required.

RISD Cycling: RISD Cycling Team is RISD’s first and only NCAA team. It competes in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (E-triple-C) with races all over the East Coats from Vermont to Pennsylvania. The cycling team is open to anyone who is passionate about riding bikes.

RISD Football: Do you like having fun, getting dirty, and a little competition? RISD Football can fulfill all of your pig-skinned desire! This is a club for the football enthusiast, but anyone is welcomed to join.

RISD Martial Arts: Self-defense, Boxing, Taekwondo, Grappling, Capoeira, Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wushu, Tai-chi… and whatever else you want to add!

RISD Rhode Kill: An art school with a running team? It’s true! RISD Rhode Kill is a group of runners of all abilities (new runners, 5k runners, marathoners and even triathletes) who meet 3-5 times a week for runs and workouts tailored to an individual’s goals and running experience.

risd:VOLLEYBALL:  An exciting, active, and energetic student-run club that consists of weekly pick-up sessions at the Wheeler Gym. All skill levels are invited to come out and play.

RISD Yogis: Our mission is to bring the practice of yoga to students in a fun, safe, and practical way to gain bodily health, allowing more vitality and relaxation in day-to-day life.

Rock Climbing: The Recreational Rock Climbing club takes 2 weekly trips to Rhode Island Rock Gym in Lincoln, RI on Friday and Sunday nights from 7pm until 12am.

Seamen Sailing: We provide students with the opportunity to learn and experience the rich sailing culture of Rhode Island first hand. We sail and Kayak out of the Community Boating Center at India Point Park during the summer and fall. All levels of experience are welcome.

Ski: Snowboard Club: RISD Ski trips during winter session. $50 for bus ticket and lift ticket $30 rentals.

WILD club: We give RISD students a healthy outlet by providing opportunities to explore nature in New England. We plan hikes in nearby woods as well as longer to mountains.

Common Interest Clubs

Cheese Society: Providing the RISD community with information about the history, anthropology, and science of cheese, as well as the cultural significance and place of cheese in global food movements.

Dinner Party Club: We gather once a month for dinner parties with a rotating guest list – no two dinners will have the same people in attendance. Those invited span departments and grades, and often include students from our neighbor Brown.

Pigeon Club: We are a student organization centered around the care of a flock of magnificent homing pigeons. We are located at 47 Waterman st, where we have transformed an unused space into a community garden.

The Learning Collective: The Learning Collective is founded in order to encourage collaboration and communication between students, teachers, and their departments. Projects arise through open group discussions, and usually take the form of large scale interactive installations and events.

RISD Adventurers’ Guild: We’re your premier RISD group for weekly Dungeons and Dragons sessions as well as other games, such as Magic: the Gathering, and various tabletops!

RISD Feminists: A place for feminists at RISD to connect.

RISD Global Initiative: A student-run organization on a mission to make RISD a home to creative global leaders. With a diverse student body representing over 50 different countries and the ever increasing globalization of our society, we believe that being able to understand and respond to the world around us is an inherent part of our art and design practice.

RISD Needles: A knitting and crocheting club. We knit and crochet projects (hats, scarves, toys, etc.) to sell at RISD sales and donate the proceeds to local charity organizations. New members need not know how to knit or crochet, we’ll teach everyone and help everyone with their knitting questions!

Community Organizations

Alternative Spring Break: ASB believes in providing a platform for dialogue, reciprocity, and mutual respect within various communities. It creates a high level of immersion into a new community so students are encouraged to explore and discover the various layers and connections that exist between them and society.

Community Service Club: CSC breaks the RISD bubble through service. It is a call to action for all students to engage in an exchange with the City of Providence and its people. Invest time in working with people outside of RISD and gain priceless experiences that will form who you are.

Design for America: Design for America is an interdisciplinary RISD and Brown student-led group that applies design thinking to finding innovative solutions for local and social problems. Using human-centered design, we look locally, create fervently, and act fearlessly to tackle problems ranging from education to health to the environment.

Cultural and Religious Organizations

BAAD (Black Artists And Designers): A student organization on campus that is here to create a safe and open space for the students of color. We promote open and honest discussions in our group that focus around subjects dealing with race, identity, and other social justice issues.

Catholic Community: Our ministry serves the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University by offering students opportunities to broaden their knowledge of their Catholic faith and grow in deeper relationship with Christ.

Epa: Our mission is to provide our Latin American students with a little piece of home while exposing students of other cultures to our own. Thus creating a cultural exchange and broadening the ties within our diverse and eclectic community.

Kehillah: RISD’s Jewish Community Club Our main home is the Brown/RISD Hillel building that offers a variety of different ways to get involved with Jewish culture. Open to all, the Hillel is a space for prayer, learning, and just hanging out with friends doing your homework.

Made In Taiwan: A group that celebrates Taiwan’s culture. Join us for Night Market, Taiwanese food nights, and more!

Queer Student Association: An organization aimed at helping Queer identifying students cope with life at RISD by providing a support structure paired with safe spaces for conversation. A great deal of cultural and educational programs geared toward the community at large as well as the queer community to weld the two with a unified code of respect, safety, and understanding.

RISD Christian Fellowship: RCF is a Christian community that provides a supportive environment for believers and non-believers to seek Jesus through sharing our stories with one another and through fostering humility, honesty, openness, and trust.

South Asian Student Association (SASA): Our goal is to create exposure and awareness about South Asian culture, generate discussion about the current state of the region, and foster a global community at RISD.

Won: To spread cultural diversity and more specifically Korean culture through various social events and discussions. The ultimate goal is to unite Korean community at RISD and in Providence into one network.

Professional Organizations

2nd Life: A student-operated non-profit upcycling center where we collect and sell used art materials to RISD students and the local Providence community.

A Better World by Design: A three-day internationally acclaimed conference unfolding on the vibrant campuses of Brown and RISD. Our conference connects students, professionals, and individuals from a variety of disciplines in order to build a global community of socially conscious and passionate innovators.

Design Guild: A student-run graphic design studio at the Rhode Island School of Design. Its collective goal is to provide design services to student groups and school offices at RISD and Brown.

E’Ship: We believe that coupling art+design with entrepreneurial thinking can unlock tremendous potential for RISD students and alumni. E’Ship expands student’s networks and allocates resources to elevate their ideas to the next level.

Exposé: We move beyond the formal gallery restrictions and open the floor to new ways to show and sell excellent student, alumni, and local work.

Grad Student Alliance: Committed to fostering an inter-disciplinary dialogue among RISD grads. We aim to strengthen the larger grad student community by hosting events and providing a platform for student lead initiatives.

Programming Board: We strive to build and foster a sociable campus for the RISD community through facilitating the planning and funding of student proposed events. Alongside Center for Student Involvement and Student Alliance, we encourage and promote enthusiasm and engagement campus-wide.

RISD Quickies: We’re a student-led workshop community at RISD, where we provide a platform for students to teach other students the amazing skills they’ve learned in their college career. We’re trying to diversify the learning experiences RISD offers, we’re not hardcore, and you won’t pull any all-nighters. We’re fun, playful and low commitment.

RISD STEAM: A student group which aims to engage students with the rising push to include art and design thinking into the traditional “STEM” model of education. By turning STEM into STEAM, the club strives to foster a new kind of learning, promoting high-level, transformative thinking among the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Student Alliance: A platform that represents all student voices in order to facilitate and advocate ideas and solutions within the RISD community, including the student body and administration