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Be a GSA Member

The bigger, the badder. Get involved in GSA activities, share your ideas with friends and students, and help us build a stronger student community.

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Be a Grad Department Rep

Represent your department as we discuss campus-wide issues. Share your department's needs and activities with students across disciplines. Play a leading role in GSA, and have a chance to post to our website. You want in?

Join a Committee among Faculty and Staff

Help make risd grow. Join a committee alongside staff, administrators, and faculty to make important decisions about our school's future. You're interested?

Join the GSA Board

Interested in stepping it up as as GSA President, Vice President, or Communications Director? Good. Here's what you need to know.

Got an Idea? Be a Project Leader

We want to help you get your event or project off the ground. We can connect you with offices and resources to get the ball rolling. Contact us at

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Community Resources

Check out CSI’s Community Resources for great info on places to go and services to know about. Go