Pre-Orientation Service Experience (POSE)

RISD Pre-Orientation Service Experience (P.O.S.E.) is a five-day intensive program for incoming freshmen to engage with the community around campus. P.O.S.E. exists to break the RISD bubble, the idea that students can become stuck in an inward-looking culture in college and become apathetic to the needs of the world around them. P.O.S.E. cultivates an interest in people and places outside of RISD, leading students into a rich college experience that involves active participation beyond RISD walls. The mission of P.O.S.E. is to continue a tradition of service integrated into RISD’s overall co-curricular culture. P.O.S.E. introduces students to long-term volunteer opportunities that exist both at RISD and in the local community. This program is a great chance for freshmen to meet new people, become exposed to Rhode Island right from the start of their college career, and make a true lasting impact on the local community.

Meet the 2017 POSE Leaders

Julie Benbassat is a junior in illustration with a love of tea, nature, and bad horror movies. She works as an illustrator in the Brown Political Review, Visions Magazine and is a member of the Community and Service Club. She has knowledge of 50 + types of trees and collects plates to earn a living.

My name is Reilly Blum, and I'm a sophomore in furniture. During the school year, I'm involved with Global Initiative and STEAM, and I'm an editor for the RISD Broadsheet, RISD's newly-formed newspaper. A Fun Fact™ about me is that I once got my head stuck in an automatic revolving door. XD :P

Hello! I'm Alexis Caruso, a rising sophomore in Textiles. Along with POSE I'm also an orientation leader, a tour guide, a member of the STEAM club, and an upcoming editor for RISD's new bi weekly student-run newspaper, The Broadsheet. My mom once put the RISD freshman application in the freezer so I'd see it when I went to get ice cream. The key to success is ice cream and a passive aggressive mother.

Hi, My name is Jessica Chang. I will be a junior in Illustration Design. I am not very involved in clubs but I am involved at my church as a small group leader. I guess a fun thing about me is that I like to have fun and meet new people while doing adventurous things. I play drums at church and I enjoy dancing with friends.

Hello! My name is Sophie Weston Chien and I am a junior studying Architecture. I am interested in studying urban systems and how to make more equitable spaces, currently through a Maharam Fellowship for the City of Providence. I love Providence and parks people and patterns and most importantly POSE!



I am Felicita Devlin, Textiles class of 2020 and an incoming sophomore. I work at RISD's Carr haus, I am a Co-President for RISD STEAM, and I participate in Risdio. I love long walks on the RISD beach. Also I love to make friends with dogs on the streets of Providence.


My name is Rory Hernandez-Romero from the Class of 2020, in the Graphic Design Major. I am a tour guide here at RISD, and participate in HISLA, RISD Hip Hop, and I also take ballroom dance lessons at Brown! I love skateboarding, hiking, and memes. I also never feel tired though I always am, so that's a thing.


My name is Abby Mitchell, and I'm a sophomore majoring in glass. I did POSE as a freshman and during the year I was a part of Risdio and Phonathon. I’m a pisces sun and a cancer moon 🌞


Hello! My name is Paridhi Mundra but I respond to all its various variations. I am a senior in Illustration with a concentration in Literary Arts and Studies. In addition to being a POSE leader, I am a Leadership and Community Engagement (LACE) fellow, leader of RISD's Community Service Club and a member of RISD Global Initiative. When not in studio, I love meandering through Providence, old books' aisles and occasionally into brick walls, hoping to find a portal to Hogwarts. Welcome to RISD, I look forward to meeting you all this summer!  


Hi I’m Tommy Maing. You read my name, and now you may want to read some info about me. I’m a Junior in Apparel Design after taking a gap year for some time to myself. Basically, I am a Socialite ExtraIntroverted Drag Queen Gaming Designer Extraordinaire ;)


Hey POSERS welcome 2 RISD, the most  f i r e🔥🔥  art school there is 💖💓💗, I’m Zak Nguyen. Let me start by saying risd is the most opportune place for opportunities trust me, art school’s a lot more than just making art, and as POSE leaders we can help you in tying community engagement/awareness to your art practice. Personally, I’m part of Global Initiative (GI), Vietnamese Students Association (VSA), & RISD Asian Intersections + Diaspora (RAID). I’m also the LGBTQ cultural programmer at Intercultural Student Engagement (ISE), a tour guide, I work at the Career Center, and have been involved with Eat the World, MLK Day of Service, POSE, Alternative Spring Break (ASB), Accepted Students Day, and more! Oh and something funny about myself so 1 time i made out w/ another man in a public bathroom at the top of the tallest building in the world only to be walked in on by a dad and his young son hope ya enjoy risd cya soon in august I’m excited byee 😘💖🌈👬

Grace Oh is a junior doubling in Industrial Design and Illustration with a love for polar bears, gummy candy, and playgrounds. During the year she works as the community liaison between RISD and the Providence Children’s museum where she is also a LACE(Leadership and Community Engagement) fellow. She has also participated in STEAM, Earthlings, Alternative Spring Break, and is super excited to meet the new incoming POSEr’s!!


My name is Lauren Oh, and I'm a Junior in Textiles. At RISD I've been lucky enough to experience POSE as a freshman as well as helped out in RISD Orientation, and am going to be co-running a club called Alternative Media Including (but not limited to) Puppets Club! I'm looking forward to being a part of POSE 2017! Fun fact: The only pets that I have had were a lovely brood of hens.


 My name is Claire Richey and I am a Sculpture Senior with a HPSS concentration in Global Processes. I am President of S.H.A.R.E. (Sexual Health and Relationship Educators), member of Global Initiative, 3x P.O.S.E. alum, and just came back from a semester abroad in Amsterdam. Fun fact: I hate climbing College Hill and know all the elevators on campus and the ways to try and avoid it. Alternative fact: my tinder bio was once about my love for hot Cheetos.


Hello and welcome to RISD! My name is Sruti Suryanarayanan and I am a junior in the Furniture Design Department, concentrating in regional studies of South and Southeast Asia. I am an avid fan of RISD's club scene, as a member of VISIONS Magazine, RISD Asian Intersections + Diaspora (RAID), Student Alliance, Global Initiative, and the Intercultural Student Engagement Office's Cultural Collective. I have also participated in the Leadership and Community Engagement (LACE) Fellowship with Providence Children's Museum, Alternative Spring Break, and (of course) POSE! Most importantly, I love a good PB&J&B. Can't wait to meet this year's POSErs!


Emma Werowinski is a Senior in Textiles. This is her fourth year of POSE! When she isn’t weaving in studio she spends her time as Co-President of Global Initiative, working in the Center for Student Involvement, participating in Alternative Spring Break as a team member and leader, teaching ballet classes in the fitness center, helping plan orientation programs like POSE, and hanging out in Carr Haus. Her favorite things are crayons (RIP dandelion yellow), crocs, and M&Ms.  


Jessica Young, 2018, Illustration, Community Liaison @ CityArts 2 years, Leadership and Community Engagement Fellowship, POSE all years of RISD, Play Guide at The Children's Museum, ASB Member + Leader, MLK Day Station Leader. I enjoy abbreviating my sentences when I talk to my family, they get me.



I'm Will Zhang, a junior in industrial design. I'm interested in soft goods design and digital product design. I'm in Design for America and Tink Knit, and I was involved in the LACE fellowship at AS220. Fun fact: Japanese senseis taught me how to make my bike.


Hello everyone, I'm Stephanie Zhou, a junior in industrial design and concentrating in NCSS (Nature, Culture, Sustainability Studies)! I am a part of Earthlings, RISD's environmental activism club, and I have been a part of ASB and LACE! I am an old soul that loves sunflowers, mountains, long walks, and sun hats! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧