The Student Alliance is a platform that represents all student voices in order to facilitate and advocate ideas and solutions within the RISD community.

The Student Alliance serves the RISD student body, acting as a link between students and the administration. We facilitate discussions, advocate for the student perspective, and help get the word out about things happening on campus in addition to planning multiple events throughout the year. The Alliance consists of six executive committee members as well as Department Representatives from each studio major on campus. Students are elected to join the Alliance through campus-wide elections held at the end of each academic year.

Looking to get in contact with the Alliance?

You can always find us lingering around Carr House or eating all the free candy in the CSI office. As a group, we meet once a week in the Taproom on the top floor of Memorial Hall to provide feedback and hear from different departments and administrators on campus and then share the information we hear back with you. You can visit our Events page to take a look at who’s coming to meet with us and when or check out the Dialogue tab for an archive of meeting minutes and other important info.

We want to hear from you!

Have thoughts on who we should invite to our next meeting? Want to share your opinions or concerns? Email us at!

Get to know your RISD student government!


Sophie Weston Chien

President - Architecture 2020



Muram Bacare

Secretary - Architecture 2021


Amy Huang

Treasurer - Industrial Design 2021


Ken Tsuchida

Communications Officer - Industrial Design 2021


Natalie Rivera

Communications Officer - FAV 2021


2018/19 Department Representatives:


Architecture: Jisu Yang •

Apparel: Danielle Simpkin •

Ceramics: Aubrey Greenawalt •

Film/Animation/Video: Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma •

Foundations: Elections in Wintersession 2019 

Furniture: Adam Fertig + Sruti Suryanarayanan • +

Glass: Abby Mitchell •

Graphic Design: Rory Hernandez-Romero + Ja Yoon Lee • +

Illustration: Cat Huang + Taylor Pannell • +

Industrial Design: Rosa Park •

Interior Architecture: please email if you are interested in this position

Jewelry + Metalsmithing: Hannah Kim •

Painting: Yan Diego Wilson •

Photography: Niko Krivanek •

Printmaking: Sam Northcut •

Sculpture: Sam Newman •

Textiles: Ian Danner •