Our Mission

RISD Global Initiative (GI) is a student-run organization on a mission to make RISD a home to creative global leaders.

Global Initiative strives to build well-rounded local, global and RISD citizens through strategically designed events and cross-campus collaboration with clubs, offices, and departments.

Originally founded by Leah Chung in 2013, we are in our 5th year and are still growing and evolving. 

Meet Us


Emma Werowinski
Textiles 2018

Cayla Gao
Film Animation Video 2018

Sophie Chien
Architecture 2020

Paridhi Mundra
Illustration 2018

Sruti Suryanarayanan
Furniture 2019


Emily Dissen
Textiles 2018

Claire Richey
Sculpture 2018

Dan Mitrovic
Furniture Design 2020

Katt McCann
Illustration 2020

Zai Rutter
Photography 2019

Grace Oh
Illustration / Industrial Design 2020

Adam Hunt Fertig
Furniture BRDD 2020

Reilly Blum
Furniture 2020

Piper Matthew
Architecture 2021

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Riley Embler Glass 2018 | President, GI Responds

Laura Bejarano Printmaking 2017 | Eat the World Coordinator

Jeffrey Hsueh Illustration 2017 | Eat the World Coordinator

Lucy Crelli Apparel 2017 | President

Mariam Quraishi Illustration 2015 | President

Leah Chung Industrial Design 2014 | Founder, President