RISD Hot Seat 


A student-led interview getting to know individuals at RISD created by Yu Cao MArch ’17 & Rebecca Buglio MFA Ceramics '16 in 2015--2016 Graduate Student Alliance.



"If you DO anything, you’ll make mistakes. Fix them and move on."

 RISD Hot Seat with Eva Sutton from Photography_Feb 29th    

"One is lucky if you can make whatever you do something you love doing."

  RISD Hot Seat with Liane Wong from Interior Architecture_Mar 7th    

"Nimble thinkers are not stopped by structures, they invent their own.To me these are the types of people that will define the future."

  RISD Hot Seat with President Rosanne Somerson_Mar 14th    

" Genius is often as much the collective as it is the individual."

  RISD Hot Seat with David Frazer from Painting_Mar 21st    

"Endeavor to hold onto the thing that interests you even if you don’t know where it’s going."

  RISD Hot Seat with Charlie Cannon from Industrial Design_April 11th    

"Simple things go a long way."

  RISD Hot Seat with John Caserta from Graphic Design_April 18th    


"You can’t force something to have meaning, the meaning sticks to it through use and association which changes as one goes through life."

  RISD Hot Seat with John Dunnigan from Furniture Design_April 25th    


" It's not my job to fix the building. It’s my job to help you think about what the building is arguing. "

RISD Hot Seat with Nicole Merola from Literary Arts & Studies_May 2nd    


" We can change things even if it’s a huge problem. It’s important to focus on that goal of change."

RISD Hot Seat with Laura Briggs from Architecture_May 9th    


"If you get too comfortable with what you are doing you aren’t growing."

RISD Hot Seat with David Katz from Ceramics_May16th   



           This edition concludes RISD Hot Seat for the 2016 school year. We would like to thank all of our readers. It is your strong support that motivates us to work on RISD Hot Seat each week and share these dialogues. We would like to thank the professors who took time out from their busy schedules to sit down and talk with us, which enabled us to open the conversation of forming a stronger understanding of each other to better our community. Lastly, thank you to all who have helped us bring RISD Hot Seat this far.

          RISD Hot Seat project is an invaluable adventure for both of us. Getting to know the individuals in our community has made us LOVE RISD even more! We hope RISD Hot Seat will be continued in the Fall with the new members of GSA, but until then have a great a summer!

Yu Cao MArch ’17 & Rebecca Buglio MFA Ceramics '16





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Through understanding the unique perspectives and interests each individual contributes, and asking about the ins and outs of different programs, RISD Hot Seat is to bridge conversations between graduate students, faculty, and staff to build a stronger, interdisciplinary graduate community at RISD. Weekly interviews with RISD faculty and staff in each department will be sent out each Monday as a conversational article to all the student body via email, and will be posted on GSA’s website and Facebook page.

The Grad Student Alliance (GSA) is committed to fostering an inter-disciplinary dialogue among RISD grads. We aim to strengthen the larger grad student community by hosting events and providing a platform for student-lead initiatives. We are comprised of nine executive board members, sixteen department representatives, and grad community members. 

GSA Board 2015-2016: Rebecca Buglio, Yu Cao, Atulya Chaganty, McKenzie Gibson, Chereth Hines-Channer, Louise Hjort, Sarah Kavanagh, Lisa Maione, Mayela Mujica