Grad Student Alliance

2015-2016 Student Directors
  • Chereth Hines-Channer
  • Cristin Gibson
  • Yu Cao
  • Louise Hjort
  • Sarah Kavanagh
  • Lisa Maione
  • Atulya Chaganty
  • Rebecca Buglio
  • Mayela Mujica

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Meetings and events

Join us at our town hall meetings, held monthly. Dinner is provided.

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Department Liaisons

Department Liaisons serve as the primary channel of communication between students, their program head, and the GSA. Get to know yours! 

RISD Hot Seat


RISD Hot Seat is a student-hosted interview getting to know individuals at RISD led by two GSA leaders, Yu Cao and Rebecca Buglio.

Through understanding the unique perspectives and interests each individual contributes, and asking about the ins and outs of different programs, our goal is to bridge conversations between graduate students, faculty, and staff to build a stronger, interdisciplinary graduate community at RISD.

Read the most recent edition here

Join a RISD committee

Work with students, faculty, and the administration to help improve RISD. Check out all the committee openings here 


The Grad Student Alliance (GSA) is committed to fostering an inter-disciplinary dialogue among RISD grads. We aim to strengthen the larger grad student community by hosting events and providing a platform for student-lead initiatives.