Congratulations! Leading a student club or organization is a great way to develop your leadership identity, connect with your classmates, and contribute to the RISD community.  Here's what you need to know to get started!

1. Starting a new club

If your club or organization is not yet recognized by CSI, start here. Important: the last day to apply for recognition in the 2016-2017 academic year is February 8, 2017. 

2. Your Orgsync portal 

Orgsync is an online platform that will help you manage your club activity.  Log in at orgsync.com using your RISD username and password.  Search for your club or organization in the search bar or in the organization tab.  Click here for a walkthrough video.

3.  Your CSI advisor

Your CSI advisor is your main resource for questions or advice on all things clubs.  The advisor for each CSI student organization is listed here.


Planning an event or club meeting?  Post an event request in your OrgSync portal.  You will need an approved event request to spend any of your club's budget.  Here's a walkthrough video

  1. Click the "Events" tab in your OrgSync portal
  2. Click the green "Create an Event" button and fill out the fields.  
  3. Be sure to click "Public" or "Public + Website" under "Who can see this?" and check the "Portal sharing" box.  These help promote your event. 

Don't see the "Create an Event" button? You may need to have your privileges updated in your OrgSync portal.  Your advisor can help!

Be sure to check out the events section of the Club Policies page, especially the Event PlanningChecklist, designed with new leaders in mind.

Promoting your events 

  1. Calendars- With the "Public" + "Portal sharing" options selected, your event request will publish to csi.risd.edu, events.risd.edu, and the CSI facebook page's event list.
  2. Social Media- Many clubs choose to have their own Facebook page.  Think hard before you create a page- if you don't plan to post frequently throughout the year, it's best not to create a new page.  We are happy to create a post about your event on the CSI Facebook page, or share your club's Facebook post/event.  Contact Rachel Holcomb (rholcomb@risd.edu) to coordinate. 
  3. Word Out - Word Out is a weekly email that is sent to all RISD students each Thursday please email your Word Out requests to CSI (csi@risd.edu) by Monday of the week of publication. 
  4. Posters 
    1. Your posters need to have your organization's name or logo as well as CSI's name or logo per the RISD posting policy. The CSI logo is in your portal under the "Files" tab. 
    2. Need a designer?  All CSI-recognized student organizations can hire the Design Guild for no charge. Contact them at dguild@risd.edu
    3. Fill out the poster/flyer printing form to print for free on campus.  Here's a walkthrough video if you're having trouble. 

Spending money

One of the major responsibilities of club/organization leadership is ensuring the budget is spent responsibly.  The most important things to remember are:

  1. Effective January 20, 2016, any student who wants to be an Authorized Signer for their club or organization must complete the Authorized Spender Request form. 

  2. You will need the following pieces of information to check out the card:
    1. Your RISD ID#
    2. The Event ID #- last 7 digits of the URL from your approved OrgSync event request
    3. What you are purchasing and the vendor
    4. The checkbookyour purchases will be logged in and the balance remaining in that checkbook
  3. The hours for credit card checkout and return are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm  Monday- Friday in Carr House room 212. You are responsible for the card you check out, and are not allowed to give it to another student. 
  4. Cards with all receipts for all purchases are due back on the next business day (between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.) Online receipts can be printed at the card return office. We cannot accept receipts via email.
  5. You will create an OrgSync checkbook entry for each purchase you make. You can't return the card without completing these entries.  For a step-by-step guide of how to complete a checkbook entry, click here.

Other helpful resources: 

CSI policies

As a student leader you are responsible for upholding the policies of CSI and RISD, as an individual and as a club/organization.  Please view all CSI Club Policies and all RISD policies, especially the Code of Student Conduct.