Carr Haus Café Managers

A team of five students managers will be responsible for overseeing the operations of Carr Haus Café. Managers will be expected to work cooperatively and oversee the following components.

General Responsibilities Include:

  • Responsible for all day-to-day operations at Carr Haus Cafe
  • Delegate duties to counter staff and shift leaders
  • Oversee Carr Haus staff,  train and educate on food preparation, modes of service, sanitation, Department of Health best practices
  • Minimum of 5 office hours per week.  Expect to work additional hours as needed.
  • Managers must work at least two  Cafe shifts per week.  Expect to work additional hours as needed.
  • Attend a training program in September before the start of the Academic year.
  • Run monthly meetings with Carr Haus staff.
  • Communicate the needs and wishes of the Carr Haus staff to Dining and CSI and vice versa
  • Represent RISD and Carr Haus in a positive light.
  • Serve as a leader and positive role model at RISD.
  • Be a student in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Meet weekly with the Carr Haus Managers and Dining and CSI staff.

Purchasing and Operations Managers

Two Purchasing and Operations Managers will work with local vendors to supply the food and beverages for Carr Haus, as well as the equipment necessary to keep the cafe running. They will be responsible for performing menu review and conducting surveys of staff and customers to determine best offerings.  Said manager(s) are responsible for placing all orders, ensuring accurate inventory is taken on a regular basis and keeping stock organized and accessible.

  • Handle all logistics of purchasing, included but not limited to taking frequent and accurate inventory, calling in orders and following up with vendors on any and all issues, informing vendors of cafe closures and coordinating prompt and timely delivery
  • Perform menu reviews
  • Solicit feedback from Carr Haus customers on menu
  • Work with programming manager to plan special menus for events
  • Collaborate with Staffing/Programming Managers to  handle all logistics of events including, but not limited to, booking space, placing work orders and alcohol proposal form, requesting Public Safety details, booking travel and accommodations and working on menu.

Staffing and Programming Managers

Two Staffing and Programming Managers will create each semester’s shift schedule, and oversee temporary shift coverage and permanent shift switches and will also be responsible for coordinating and executing the training of the staff. Further these managers will develop and sustain Carr Haus as a community hub for a variety of students. Managers will work to drive new and interesting programs in the student spaces at Carr Haus. They will work with the student body to proactively coordinate initiatives in the cafe and other programmable spaces on the first floor of Carr Haus.

***Note: All Managers will be responsible for observing the dynamics of each shift to increase productivity and good working relationships.

Programs coordinated by this position may include Game Nights, Viewing Parties, Open Mic Nights, gallery openings, and a variety of self-initiated lectures, concerts, workshops, and other events.

This role will collaborate with the Purchasing and Operations manager to  publicize specials and alter menuing for promotions, including coordinating the purchase and sale of Carr Haus-branded merchandise.

  • Handle all logistics of scheduling included but not limited to creating the schedule, overseeing shift coverage and changes, and rearranging the schedule for optimal shift relationships
  • Handle all logistics of training, including distributing handbook, managing each semester’s training sessions, electing shift leaders and overseeing their additional training
  • Manage personnel, including mediating conflicts, rewarding exceptional performance, and complete mid-semester performance reviews of staff
  • Generate new programming at Carr Haus and collaborate with other students and Carr Haus staff to proactively create original programming, including evaluating proposals submitted by peers.
  • Coordinate volunteers and additional staffing needs for special (programming) events to assist in their execution.


All manager positions are compensated with the following:

  • Level IV work study pay
  • End of year leadership celebration


  • Full-time RISD student in good academic and disciplinary standing for current academic year
  • Committment to serve for the entirety of the academic year
  • Excellent attention to detail; candidate should be task-oriented with excellent follow-through
  • Capable of delegation
  • Candidate should be comfortable with basic math
  • Strong and confident decision making
  • Interest in being a positive influence and source of information for other students.
  • Comfortable working with a team but also capable of initiating new ideas.
  • Ability to work under pressure and maintain flexibility.
  • Candidate should be comfortable leading a group of his/her own peers


Please click here to apply for a manager position.