Public Safety at Events

The need for Public Safety officers at an event depends on several factors.  Your CSI advisor can help you determine whether Public Safety will need to be at your event.

If Brown students or community members are invited to an event and card access needs to be turned off, at least one Public Safety officer must be stationed at the door. Any time alcohol is present at an event at least one Public Safety detail must be present.

Note: Some events held outside will also require a Providence Police Detail. See “Permits and Licenses” for information regarding Providence Police Details.

Cost: Details cost begin at a minimum of $114 per officer ($28.50 per hour per officer for a minimum of 4 hours). This needs to be included in the budget for any event.

Procedures for requesting a detail:

If required, a detail request form will be given to you at CSI when your event is approved. You will fill out the form and send it to Public Safety.