Posters:  All posters must have the organization’s name/ logo and the CSI logo on them (find the logo in your organization's OrgSync portal under "Files"), as well as the name/logo of any other office/department/group that is sponsoring the event in compliance with RISD’s posting policy.

Poster design- If posters are not designed by a member of the organization, design requests can be submitted to the Design Guild. There will need to be sufficient lead-time (minimum of two weeks before posters are to be hung) for Design Guild to complete posters. Design Guild fees will be covered by CSI for recognized student organizations (not the organization’s budget).

Poster printing- Submit your design via the poster/flyer printing form (log in with your RISD username and password).  An advisor will review your poster to ensure the needed information is included and will review the size and number of prints requested.  When the request has been approved, you may pick up a RISD printing card from the on-call advisor (Monday- Friday 9 am - 1 pm). No posters can be printed without approval from CSI.

Do not “wallpaper” with your posters. This practice wastes money and trees.

CSI Website- All events submitted and approved through OrgSync will be posted to and if you select "public + website" under "who can see this?" and click the "calendar sharing" box. 

Word Out-  CSI will include club events that have the proper selections made to share on and (see above). You may also email your event directly to

RISD Beach Wall- Students can use the RISD Beach Wall to promote events and programs. In order to do so, a reservation must be made through CSI by emailing  Banners and other postings can be mounted using tape or rope. Use of chalk, markers or paint directly on the brick surface is prohibited.