Overnight Policy

Organizations planning a trip or program that requires a group of students to stay away from campus overnight must meet with their advisor and gain approval on a case by case basis. The organization must explain why the overnight event is important to the organization and how it will have a greater impact (mission driven or logistically) than a day trip.

If the event is approved your CSI advisor will include some protocol that must be completed before the trip and communicated back to the advisor.  These specifics are dependent on each unique situation, so adequate time must be given between your initial proposal meeting with your advisor and the proposed trip.

Please note that this overnight policy applies to all events that are funded with CSI budget money, identified as a club sponsored trip, and/or use CSI and RISD resources like vans and other supplies.  Please note that while off campus all club and RISD rules and the Code of Student Conduct still apply to student(s) attending the trip.