Managing Your Budget


Each organization will utilize OrgSync checkbooks that shows a declining balance of available monies. These checkbooks are visible to all registered club leaders and can be viewed and edited on any computer. After any purchase or deposit is made, you must update the checkbooks to accurately depict your current balance.  We will not accept credit card returns without checkbook entries for each purchase.  

To create a checkbook entry, go to your club's portal and select More>Treasury>Checkbooks. Click the correct checkbook and follow the instructions to make your entry.  Here are some tips for your entry: 

  1. Select the date when you made the purchase, not the date you're making the checkbook entry.
  2. Include the event , item purchased, and vendor for the description.
  3. Be sure to include the minus sign for withdrawals (i.e. whenever you make a purchase)

If your entry is correct you should see the balance on the side decline in the amount of your purchase(s).

Prefer to watch a video of how to do this? Click here.


If you find that your organization would like to make a purchase or plan an activity that was not budgeted for in the beginning of the year, then you will need to decide how to reallocate your available monies to cover the expenses (another expense will need to be cut or additional income will need to be added.) Major changes to your budget (over $100) must be proposed in writing to your club advisor. If the re-allocation comprises more than 15% of the organization’s overall budget an in-person meeting with the SA must supplement this form. The Student Alliance will approve or deny these requests and must make their determinations known to CSI Staff and Organizational Leadership.