Petitioning party will submit application to CSI via OrgSync

Important: the last day to apply for 2015-2016 is February 9, 2016.

The following attributes are prohibited and will prevent a group from achieving organizational status with RISD and the Center for Student Involvement:

  • Organizations based on the promotion or use of alcohol, restricted, and/or hazardous substances
  • Organizations based on the promotion or use of firearms
  • Organizations based on the care and keeping of live animals
  • Organizations that promote, directly or indirectly, the oppression, discrimination, or abuse of various demographics, cultures, beliefs, or other personal choices and identities
  • Organizations that are not inclusive. This includes but is not limited to organizations that are exclusive to a specific gender, race, belief, or demographic. Please note: a group can be based on the promotion of culture, religion, beliefs, sexual identity, customs, etc. if anyone is allowed to join and the organization does not discriminate against groups or individuals that may contradict the mission/ beliefs of the organization
  • Organizations that are reliant on a class or studio project/assignment DISCUSSION

Within 10 business days, CSI pending club advisor will contact the petitioner for a discussion of the application and proposed organization. The petitioner will receive initial feedback and advice about how to proceed. The CSI pending club advisor will approve or deny the application. 

If Application is approved, proceed to step 3. If Application is denied, repeat steps 1 &2. 

A pending organization is given a $200 budget and must spend an 8 week period demonstrating that they are a viable, organized, and important group on campus. Please note that an 8 week period is based on actual times when RISD is in session. This time should be used to gain momentum, increase membership, and possibly kick off a program or event. It should also be used as a platform for developing your organizations identity.

In order to take the next step a pending organization must meet with their CSI advisor and present the following requirements:

A brief written description of the pending period and what was accomplished
Submission of club constitution or charter. Your CSI advisor is available to help you develop this during your pending period. This should include:

 •Mission, Vision, Values
 •Purpose and Projected impact on the RISD campus
 •Resources that you have or need (items, people, etc…)
 •Leadership Structure and Leadership Sustainability Plan
 •Key positions/roles, specific duties, and who is filling these roles (along with their contact information).
 •Advising structure (any outside advisers, desired or required, you plan to have along with their contact information and role at RISD)
 •Any physical files (logos, attachments, lists, etc…)
 •Event and Program plans for the remainder of the academic year
•Proposed budget with specific line items for the remainder of the year
 •Club roster

IF APPROVED: Move to Step 5
IF DENIED: Revisit Step 4


Upon completion of Steps 1-4 CSI will recommend the group for consideration as a fully-recognized organization by the Undergraduate Student Alliance. Leadership from the group will attend a Student Alliance meeting and publicly present their organization and progress to the meeting. The Student Alliance will look at the group from the perspective of the student body. They will pay attention to various components including the clubs level of inclusiveness, mission, ability to succeed, budget and organization.

After hearing the presentation and asking any relevant questions the student alliance will privately vote on the issue at their next executive board meeting. Possible results are:

•Approve contingent on specific revisions

The result of their decision will be given to the Center for Student Involvement who will sign off on the final approval and line on the contract.


Club leaders will sign a copy of the “CSI Club Contract,” which promises to follow all club code of conduct and expectations. It also indicates that the club understands their role on campus and their relationship with CSI. Finally, signing the contract indicates that the club understands the club judicial process and understands that CSI reserves the right to disband an organization at any time based on specific violations or at the discretion of the Director.

Once final approval is given the leadership will make an appointment with CSI to do the following:

• Create a web presence
• Receive their budget and learn how this process works
• Receive a copy of their signed club agreement and documents