To deposit cash or checks to your organization’s account, pick up a deposit envelope at the front desk of CSI.  Complete the deposit slip and include in the envelope (be sure to describe in detail the source of funds as this is important for tracking your deposits and budgeting), and deposit the envelope in the drop safe located opposite the Benefit Street entrance to Carr House.   Be sure to record the amount of the deposit in your OrgSync checkbooks. 

When making cash deposits, please make sure all bills are organized by denomination and face the same direction. If coins are being deposited, they must be wrapped in coin wrappers, or counted and placed in a smaller marked envelope. When making check deposits, make sure that checks are written out properly before submitting them. Checks that are not made out to RISD will not be deposited until they are made out correctly and resubmitted. Please do not endorse any deposited checks.