Club Conduct

Student organizations are subject to the RISD Code of Student Conduct, while on- and off- campus. Any student organization found in violation of the code will be subject to sanctions by CSI and by the RISD Conduct Board.

Additionally, student organizations who fail to comply with CSI policies (examples listed below) will be subject to the procedures below.

•Improper use of the CSI brand, related branding, or the individual organizations brand.  This includes but is not limited to defacement, vandalism, graffiti (chalk, paint, stickers, etc…), and the use of logos that create the perception of approval when approval is not actually given. 
•Failure to comply with approval processes for events, alcohol, and logistics
•Failure to comply with proper event setup, cleanup, & relations with other RISD offices
•Failure to comply with proper methods of budget reallocations
•Improper spending of club funds
•Credit card violations
•Failure to comply with required reporting to CSI (updates and renewals)
•Improper use of space and facilities on campus and in the community
•Improper methods of communication within and between offices and advisers
•Improper use of the RISD vans
•Damage or loss of RISD and CSI property and/or space
•Failure to receive approval of promotional material
•Any actions deemed to represent RISD or CSI poorly in the community
•Any actions in violation of the CSI Student Organization Policies



Step 1: Verbal Warning

Organizations will be given a verbal warning.  This will explain the nature of the violation and provide feedback on how this can be improved next time. It will also include further instructions on any additional steps that need to be taken.

Step 2: Written Warning

Organizations will be given a formally written warning. This will explain the violation and provide instruction on next steps needed. 

Step 3: Suspension

If an organization has a third offense they will be formally suspended as an organization.  Suspension means that a club’s funds and assets are frozen, all upcoming events and programs are cancelled. Based on the level of the offense the suspension period will last for a specific amount of time and require certain actions for the club, team or organization to be reinstated.  This includes but may not be limited to a new proposal including what changes need to be made within the organization so that similar problems do not happen again.  A due date will be attached to this proposal. POSSIBLE ACTIONS:

•  The proposal is accepted and after the suspension period is complete they are reinstated as an organization.
• The proposal is not accepted and the suspension period is extended until the organization is able to make the required level of changes
•  The proposal is not handed in on time and the organization is removed

Step 4: Removal

If a club is reinstated and once again has a violation they will be immediately removed as an official organization at RISD and CSI.

Please note that the Center for Student Involvement reserves the right to remove, suspend, or place on probation an organization at any time ass appropriate to the situation, provided that the student organization will at a minimum always be given notice of the violations presented, a description of the evidence supporting those charges, and an opportunity to be heard with respect to those charges.