Club Advisor Policy

All student organizations are required to abide by CSI’s policies regarding advisement.

All clubs will have a CSI advisor.  CSI advisors provide logistical support including event, group, and budget management.  They also provide advice related to content, communication, recruitment, and other unique needs on a case by case basis.

Organizations are encouraged to have additional advisor(s) outside of CSI.  At the discretion of CSI and based on group scope, certain groups may be required to have an additional advisor outside of CSI.   A prospective advisor must be approved by CSI, attend a training session or meeting to go over expectations and develop a communication plan. After attending this session the prospective advisor will make their decision on whether or not to be the group’s advisor.   Once the group’s outside advisor signs on, the three parties (group leadership, CSI advisor, and outside advisor) must schedule a meeting to create a shared vision for the group.

Only your CSI advisor can approve budget alterations, alcohol requests, overnight approval, event requests, and other logistical questions.  Your outside advisor can provide content and mission support, attend events, check in on the progress/concerns of the club, support the relationship between the club and CSI, and help with the planning (not approval) of events and programs.