CSI Vans

Clubs, Teams, and Organizations recognized by RISD Center for Student Involvement may check out a van for their group’s use. These vans may also be taken out by RISD departments for a $150 fee (effective August 21, 2016. With the exception of special, pre-approved circumstances no van can be taken out overnight or travel over 100 miles.)
–  Any club or organization checking out a van, must provide their Event Registration ID number from an approved Event Request.

– Only one van may be taken out by a group/department on a given day.
– Groups cannot “block book” vans for a repeated period of time without express permission by CSI staff.
– If van booking is overcrowded CSI reserves the right to bump groups that are traveling a close distance or with a small group.  CSI will support the group  in finding alternative methods of transportation (RIPTA, Carpool, or ZipCar).
– If a student group fails to return the van when it is due back or returns it with damage or an excessive mess they will be suspended from using the vans for a determined period of time.



Under calendars in your Google email, add csivans@risd.edu to view availability of CSI’s three vans prior to requesting van use.


Submit a work request at workorders.risd.edu. Choose WHAT-CHEER GARAGE (as building) and select *VAN RESERVATION (as the area). In request box include:

  • approved OrgSync event ID# or department account number
  • date of use
  • departure and return time
  • organization or department
  • authorizing person: club advisor or department coordinator sponsoring the trip
  • name of driver
  • contact telephone number
  • destination
  • number of people being transported


Request is subject to approval. If authorized, you will be sent an on-line
driving test that must be completed as soon as possible.


Once the online driving test has been completed; obtain a Release and Applicant Information Form from Facilities intranet site. This form must be completed and faxed or returned to the Facilities Office, 160 Benefit Street (fax: 401-454-6483). A copy of your driver’s license is also required.


All organization/department drivers must be RISD students or employees, have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of age.
All drivers must complete an online driving test as well as a Release and Application Information Form for a driving record check within the current academic year.
Facilities must also have a copy of your driver’s license on file before the van can be used.
All first time drivers must complete the required paperwork and take the online test. Failure to do so may result in delays or van use being prohibited.


At the Facilities office, the Van Usage Form must be completed and authorized with a stamp or signature from Facilities personnel.
Office hours are M-F 8:30 AM – 4:30PM.


Upon completion of the trip the driver must replace gas used during your trip. (Gas cards are available for recognized student clubs and organizations.) Complete all the fields* in the bottom portion of the white copy of the Van Usage Form(conditions, mileage, etc.) This form along with the van keys should be delivered immediately to the Facilities office or Public Safety.

*Fields not filled in will incur a $25 fee



The RISD Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Van, if available, is only for the use of recognized RISD Organizations/Groups and Departments. All van use if subject to the approval of the CSI. Each RISD CSI van only seats 12 people including the driver.


Effective August 21, 2016, the new rate for departmental van usage is $150.00 per day.


Vans are only allowed to travel within a 100 mile radius from RISD. Overnight trips are not permitted. The van is not for transportation of cargo.


Each department is responsible for the gas on their departmental trips. Please be sure to carry your department’s credit card on your trip. Student organizations recognized by CSI have access to the CSI gas card.


All drivers must be RISD students or employees, have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of age.

If you are a first time RISD van driver or if you have not driven the RISD vans within the past academic year, an online driving test as well as an authorization for driving record check must be completed at the Facilities office and a copy of your driver’s license on file before the van can be used.

It is the department’s responsibility to ensure that all first time drivers complete the required paperwork and take the online test; failure to do so may result in delays or van use being prohibited.

On the day of your reservation you must come into the Facilities office to fill out the required paperwork (Van Usage form) for the van. If you are taking the van out on the weekend or before 8:30 am on your reserved day then this paperwork must be filled out the previous day before 4:30 pm.

Only the driver can sign out a RISD van.

The driver must complete the Van Check List (bottom portion of the white copy) including starting and ending mileage, before departure and immediately upon return to RISD. The Check List must be returned to Facilities or Public Safety with the van keys.

Any moving or stationary traffic violations are the sole responsibility of the driver. In the event of an accident, the van driver is responsible for reporting all details to the RISD Public Safety Office. The group/department using the van will be billed for any repairs needed due to an accident, and not be covered by insurance.

Van registration and insurance is located in the glove box.

Vans must be returned to their assigned parking spots ONLY on the first floor of the What Cheer Garage.

Vans are equipped with OnStar, for your safety, and instructions are in the glove box.


The van must be cleaned of all debris before it is returned. If this is not done satisfactorily the responsible group will be charged $25.00.

A $25.00 charge will be issued if the starting and ending mileage is not recorded.

There will be a gas usage charge if the van is used without returning the gas to the level at which it was taken out.

For multiple reservations during a semester for the same day (i.e. every
Tuesday), each reservation after the first is subject to cancellation on 2 hours notice (even if confirmed) to allow other groups to use the van.

Be courteous of reservations scheduled after your reservation and return the
van within your scheduled time. If you are going to be late please contact Public Safety as soon as you know you will be late in returning the van.

The van is for use by groups of no more than 12 students including the driver.

Please be aware that we have only 3 vans for use by the entire college. The Center for Student Involvement Office does not employ mechanics or other personnel specifically for van related issues and must rely on outside service for repair and upkeep of the vans.