Alcohol for CSI sponsored events

Alcohol – RISD maintains a set of regulations related to the use of alcohol on-campus.  The Center for Student Involvement takes responsibility of maintaining these policies for all recognized organizations on campus.  An organization seeking the use of alcohol for an event must do the following:

1. Meet with your CSI advisor to explain why your organization would like to have alcohol at an event.  This must include why the event would benefit or be improved by the use of alcohol and how it fits within the context, mission, and learning outcomes of the specific event in question.

2. All clubs and organizations must receive their form and begin getting signatures only after they meet with their advisor and receive approval. Once CSI approval is given, signatures must be acquired from the following organizations in this order: 
A. Signature of sponsoring office (please note that for all organizations recognized by CSI, this signature must come from your CSI advisor).
B. Dining and Catering 
C. Public Safety
D. Dean of Student Affairs for final approval.

3. TIMELINE – Campus policies require that all alcohol forms must receive final
signatures 2 weeks before the event begins.  To allow proper time for your CSI
adviser to make a decision regarding approval and to give your organization enough time to acquire necessary signatures it is essential that you begin this process with your CSI advisor 4 weeks before the event.  This leaves 2 weeks for CSI to determine approval and support your organization as you acquire signatures.  The remaining 2 weeks are in  compliance with RISD policy.