Our Mission

The mission of CSI is to provide RISD students with co-curricular programs, leadership opportunities and key campus resources that bridge the RISD experience with real-world connections by cultivating collaborative learning, social engagement, and personal and professional development.

Our Vision

The Center for Student Involvement believes in supporting a culture that provides our students with enrichment and personal development. CSI provides patient and thoughtful advisement, advocacy, and mentorship to students seeking growth that bridges with their academics.

The staff provides an adaptive framework of transparent policies and procedures so that students can tailor an individual journey in order to maximize their potential success outside the studio.

Our office challenges students to balance their excitement and passion with thoughtful reasoning and deliberate action.

We support a community of social and collaborative learners who engage with one another to bring about a holistic process of student development.

CSI guides students as they take ownership of their identity as individuals, leaders, professionals, and life-long learners. We work to provide a level of quality services that enrich the student experience, celebrate differences, nurture critical thinking, and create impactful connections to the surrounding community in a way that honors RISD’s mission to “make lasting contributions to a global society.”

Meet Our Staff

Kim Almeida
Budget & Operations Manager
B.S., Wagner College
Marisa Iovino

Assistant Director of Orientation and Student Programs
M.Ed., Springfield College

Ashlie Norris

Associate Director of CSI for Graduate Experience
M.Ed., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Erika Paradis

M.S., University of Southern Mississippi

Kathryn Wheatley

Associate Director of CSI
Ph.D., University of Houston