2013 Pre-Orientation Service Experience (P.O.S.E.) Leader Applications

The Pre-Orientation Service Experience Program (P.O.S.E.) leadership positions are now available to currently enrolled RISD students. Please read all of the information carefully before you apply.

RISD P.O.S.E. is an intensive 4-day program for incoming freshmen to engage with the community around campus and break the RISD bubble. The RISD bubble is the idea that students can become stuck in an inward-looking culture at school and become apathetic to the needs of the world around them. P.O.S.E. exists to instill an interest in people and places outside of RISD, leading students into a rich college experience that involves active participation beyond RISD walls. The goal is to equip proactive students who are interested in learning about Providence and various service opportunities.

We are looking for leaders who are great with team work, articulate, positive, fast-thinkers, and passionate about the program.

Details about responsibilities and important dates are listed on the top of the online application, which can be found by clicking here.


Please note that if you were ACCEPTED as an RA, OL, IOL, or SOL for the upcoming year you are not eligible to be a P.O.S.E. leader.

RISD P.O.S.E. is sponsored by CSI and RISD Community Service

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